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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  August 22, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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jordan. what is poker? poker -- that's a game. name of the game, $400. jordan. what is monopoly? yes. name of the game, $600. [ beep ] "what is blackjack?" jordan, go again. game, $800. [ beep ] the game this time is "boggle." that's the word we're going for. all right, put down your signaling devices, relax for a few moments. we'll take a break, and we'll come back to chat with the players. [ applause ] giving military secrets to wikileaks. the dramatic changes bradley manning says he wants to make in his life. and more gambling on the way. a sneak peek at the new poker room at the maryland live casino. on fox 45 news at ten.
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all three of our contestants on the program today are used to competition. jordan villanueva from illinois was a state champion in what kind of an event? it's called the wyse competition. it's a science and engineering competition
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for high school students, run through the university of illinois. i was state champion in biology. okay, you're a senior now, you're going on to college. is that competition an indication of your interest in college and later on? you know, i would like to do something in biology, but i'm going into college undeclared, so we'll see. okay, good. leonard cooper is a senior from little rock, arkansas. he's been captain of his quiz bowl team for how long now? since 8th grade. yeah. so, you're the one that tells the others how the game's gonna go. [ chuckles ] you could say that, yeah. how successful has your quiz bowl team been? in junior high, my first year, we won state -- we were co-champions. and then this past year -- this year in april, we were in the state finals and got 2nd place. great. way to go. thank you. all right, tori amos -- she has competed in a different kind of competition, but one that has a tie with our program. tell the folks about that. i actually competed in the national history bowl,
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which was set up by dave madden, who was on the show. and dave madden was one of our big winners. he won -- i think he won the second-most games after ken jennings. he won 19 times. so, how did you do in that competition? my team actually won 1st place in the j.v. bowl, so... that's not bad. yeah. three winners here already, and now this game. jordan, you're in command of the board right now, young man. please make a selection as we continue. i'll take name of the game for $1,000. answer... tori. what is diplomacy? that's it. i'll take u.s. cities for $600. jordan. what is minneapolis? that's the city. u.s. cities, $200, please. jordan. what is honolulu? yes.
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cities, $400. leonard. what is austin? austin -- you got it. u.s. cities, $800. leonard again. what is louisiana? good. u.s. cities, $1,000. once virginia's capital, this city has made sure to keep its colonial feel. leonard. what is jamestown? no. tori. what is williamsburg? williamsburg is the city, yes, and you move into the lead. i'll take fictional females for $200, please. alex: leonard. what is "pirates of the caribbean"? you got it. females, $400. leonard. what is "skyrim"? "skyrim," yes. all right. short story, $400.
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tori. what is a twist? twist, correct. short story for $200. leonard. what is a setting? you got it. yearbook, $200. jordan. what is forgotten? that's it. yearbook, $400. jordan. what is ta-ta for now? yep, made you smile on that one. [ chuckles ] go again. yearbook, $600, please. jordan. what is summer? yes. yearbook, $800. jordan. what are digits? digits, yes. and yearbook, $1,000. leonard. what is cool? no. tori or jordan?
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jordan. what is hot? no. [ beep ] "what is sweet?" stay sweet. all right, we have jordan at $4,000, trailing tori by $800. leonard will be going first in double jeopardy! right after this break. [ applause ]
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alex: captain of his quiz bowl team, leonard will be selecting first in double jeopardy! from these categories. then we go to... and finally, we'll have clues about
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pieces that have been performed on the npr showcase "from the top." that's for young artists, of course. leonard, back to you. i'll take "so" be it for $400. leonard. what's a sofa? that's it. $800, same category. leonard. what is sober? good. "so" be it, $1,200. leonard. what's a soap opera? yes. "so" be it, $1,600. leonard. what's a soldier? good. "so" be it, $2,000. leonard. what is sojourner truth? you ran the whole category, and you've taken the lead. i will take healthy eating for $400, please. tori. what is calcium? correct. i'll take recent history for $1,200.
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tori. who is mother teresa? yes. recent history for $1,600. tori. what is the international space station? correct again. recent history for $2,000. answer there -- the daily double, and now you're a shade off the lead. leonard has you by $600. you can risk any or all of your $8,000. i'll wager $3,000. all right, for an $11,000 total, here is the clue. what is the freedom act? oh, no. "what is the patriot"... patriot.
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..."patriot act?" so, you drop to $5,000. you're still in second place. go. from the top for $1,200. tori. who is mozart? mozart, yes. from the top for $1,600. leonard. who is shaw? no. tori. who is george gershwin? that's right. from the top for $2,000. tori. what is "la bohème"? "la bohème." right again. l.a. tv for $1,200, please. leonard. what is "new girl"? "new girl" -- you got her. all right. l.a. tv, $1,600.
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[ beep ] that would be "90210," beverly hills. leonard, back to you. l.a. tv, $2,000. tori. what is "modern family"? yes, that's the show. i'll take the endangered species list for $1,200. tori. what is a jaguar? jaguar, yes. endangered species list for $1,600. answer -- daily double. [ applause ] and you have a big lead. i'll wager $3,000. $3,000 again. all right, here is the clue for you. what is an albatross? albatross, right. way to go. [ applause ] $16,000.
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endangered species list for $2,000, please. jordan. what is a manatee? manatee, yes. healthy eating, $800. leonard. what is burger king? burger king. you got it. healthy eating, $1,200. here's dr. oz with the clue for you. leonard. what are bacteria? no. tori or jordan? tori. what are fungi? fungi, yes. healthy eating for $1,600. leonard.
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what is tuna? tuna, you got it. healthy eating, $2,000. jordan. what is vitamin a? yes. recent history, $400. in 2010, an oil rig exploded, and almost 5 million barrels of oil spewed into this gulf. leonard. what's the gulf of mexico? correct. recent history, $800. leonard. what is the u.n.? no. jordan. what is nato? nato -- north atlantic treaty organization. endangered species list, $400. leonard. what's a toad? toad, yes. endangered species, $800.
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leonard. what's a bat? yep. l.a. tv, $400. leonard. what is "the big bang theory"? you got it. l.a. tv, $800. tori. what is "ncis: los angeles"? that's right. from the top for $800. leonard. what is accompaniment? no. tori. what is words? words -- that's it, and now the last clue. leonard. what is a harp? harp -- you got it, and that takes you to $10,200. you're in second place. tori has $18,800, a big lead, but not a runaway. here comes final jeopardy! for the three of you -- mount rushmore. think about that, and we'll reveal the clue about it when we come back.
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♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ [ female announcer ] fresh take from kraft. every flavor is amazing. ♪ really helped tori a lot. as a result, she has $18,800 as we now move into the final, and the subject is mount rushmore. players, here's the clue. 30 seconds. good luck.
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and those two native-born sons are washington and jefferson. let's see if you were able to come up with the state. jordan, what did you write down? you're shaking your head. you put new york. no, that would apply to roosevelt, but not the others, and so, it'll cost you $4,001. you drop down to $4,799. let's go to leonard. he was smiling. i bet because he thinks he came up with the correct response, and he did. the state is virginia. $10,200 -- we'll have $10,200 added to it, putting him in the lead with $20,400 as we come to tori amos. $18,800 going into final, and she wrote down...virginia. did she risk more than a couple of thousand?
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, just $800. that takes her up to $19,600. very impressive. but, leonard, you're the automatic semi-finalist in this group. and i have a feeling tori's gonna be in the semi-finals, as well, with that score. the last of our quarterfinal games -- right here, tomorrow. please join us, won't you? so long. [ applause ] promotional consideration provided by...
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audience: wheel... of... fortune! [ cheers and applause ] and now, from the theater at madison square garden in new york city, here are the stars of america's game --
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pat sajak and vanna white. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] don't make me go. hi, everybody. how are you doing? hey. hey. cut that out. hi. hi. what a -- hi. what a crowd up here. everybody, grab one of those devices. there you go. we have people who claim to be best friends. "toss up" is coming up. it's "characters." [ bell chimes ] and, kristine and jonathan. batman and robin. that would be correct. yes. you got $1,000. excellent. and now...tell america all about you. hello. i'm kristine ganancial. i'm from new york. i have a wonderful 3-year-old son named brandon.
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and right next to me is my best friend for almost four years. my name is jonathan tavares. i am currently in real estate, been doing it for quite a while now, and that's how kristine and i met. we love the yankees, so we're huge yankee fans. we go to a bunch of games, and we enjoy it very much. [ cheers and applause ] now, are you really yankee fans, or was that just a grab for cheap applause? die-hard yankee fans. because, if it was, it worked, so it's okay. it's good to have you both here. let's hear your stories, ladies. hello. my name is lois shiffman. i'm married to my wonderful husband, marc. i have two children, leanna and lauren. and barbara and i are both court reporters, and we met over 20 years ago at our job. oh, good. and the friendship's been just going ever since? yes. oh, yes. yeah? barbara? my name is barbara katechis, and i'm married to my husband, james, of over 23 years. i have three children -- marilena, eleni, and christos. and i love to cook and entertain with my family and friends. and me and lois share recipes all the time. yeah. and i guess you two are from atlanta originally? just guessing. no. [ laughter ] it's good to have you both here. good luck to you.
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let's hear your story, guys. hey, pat. i'm simon abtalion, originally from manhattan, new york. and i met my best friend, chad, here when we were both at school in new orleans, louisiana, and we've been best friends for about 10 years. mm-hmm. and i can see him every day from my desk. literally, we sit right next to each other. this is at work or just at home? it's at work. it's at work. [ laughter ] it is at work, you know? okay. yeah. what -- what kind of work is this? we're in sales at a financial firm. oh, all right. i thought maybe you sell desks. anything else we should know about you, chad? i just got engaged to my lovely fiancée, kristin. that's a good thing. i think she might be out there somewhere. all right. let's pick up those devices again and give away some more money. this is a $2,000 "toss up." and the category is "food & drink." [ bell chimes ] kristine and jonathan. fresh f-fruit plate.


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